About Us


Pirate Guitars started from a need to do repairs, it grew into an addiction for learning, then blossomed into a full blown habit for repairing and building instruments. I've been lucky enough to study with master luthiers Steve Holst and Kevin Kopp.

Never looked back.


Guitars have a natural beauty to them. The shape, the craft, materials, the sound they create. I have always been drawn to the simplicity and beauty of letting the materials speak for themselves. While I enjoy doing inlay work and fancy details upon commission, my personal favorites are simple designs that allow for extra light construction. My designs lead to a full, woody sound that begs to get played.


There's something about guitars that reach out to me. On one had it's art. On the other hand it's a tool. It's both. Pirate guitars and ukuleles are meant to be played. Simple as that. They are built for function. It is a testament to the quality of materials and craftsmanship that leads to the beauty of each instrument. Each one is built with a purpose in mind. From handpicked materials sourced at the highest standard available, to custom options in every aspect, each Pirate is built to sail the seas stormy or calm. A goal one could say for how it's purpose will be fulfilled in the players hands. Pick one up, keep strumming, nothing is like a Pirate Guitar.

Take a look around, drop me a line, enjoy your time and make some music!